The neighbor & a friend fucked me in front of my Cuckold!

2020-05-20Alex Anal Sex, Cuckold, Humiliation
  • 26:08 minutes
  • FullHD

I have a new neighbor. He's really nice. He xxx coffee with me, brings me rolls and so on. Out of thanks and because my Cuckold Eheloser no longer brings it, I invite the neighbor to fuck. Of course I didn't want to cheat on my celibate, so I do it with the new neighbor in front of his eyes. Man who fucks me really nice in the ass and then gives me a proper sperm shower ...

I went jogging after that, when I came back was the best friend of my Cuckold with us. My whining wimp of a celibate had obviously cried himself out with him. It's his own fault if he doesn't give it to me properly. The best friend of my Cuckis has of course taken my side so he can fuck me too. While I am his friend without a rubber in the ass rammed then I suck my wimp the noodles so he does not feel so bad and his friend can fuck me in peace ...

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