Teen Lia's sexual education with Uncle Egon

  • 43:59 minutes
  • FullHD

On time on the 18th birthday of his niece Lia Uncle Egon is on the mat. The sweet teen pours her heart out to her uncle Egon. She is immortal in Kevin, a daredevil, in love. Lia, however, is still a virgin and totally inexperienced. Of course, Uncle Egon offers to help her with words and deeds, especially with deeds.

He shows her piece by piece how men like it and what matters. First, she has to shave her pussy and see a dick in real. Then the first blowjob is on the line, the little Lia has of course never done that before...

In the second part, which will soon be online here as well, the little girl gets deflowered by Uncle Egon ... so stay tuned

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