Teen Daisy shortly after her 18th birthday

2021-03-28DaisyAmateur, First timers, Teen
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Daisy ended up with our Merry through a friend of a friend. The two girls have written a little back and forth and Daisy has confided in her that she does not have much experience although she is already 18 years. Daisy sees herself as a late bloomer as far as sex is concerned. So she has never blown a boy and asked Merry if she could show her. Merry agreed immediately, the only condition was that the camera is running.

Daisy agreed. So the two met. After the first lesson and the first cumshot Daisy had to do it herself and blow the cock until the guy comes...

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March 30, 2021 21:12 ★★★★★

Hoffe sehr, bald mehr von Daisy zu sehen. Top Girl.