Smya gets fucked hard

2020-03-21SmyaAmateur, Cuckold, Fucking
  • 17:19 minutes
  • HDTV

When we shot this film Smya was the girlfriend of our actor Uwe. Smya had never done anything like this before and wanted Uwe to stop. But Uwe knew of course our project in which couples swap partners for a weekend. Actually Uwe Smya could convince Uwe to participate in this experiment.

Björn and Smya had already sniffed each other a little bit and also fucked each other (video is online here). Now Björn, who likes the harder pace, wants to test how resilient Smya is when fucking. He really fucks her through the whole house. From the bathroom to the kitchen and so on. He takes the little one really hard and in the end the two, against the agreement, also let the rubber off and Björn squirts everything into her pussy and on her ass...

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