Scandal - Teen Daisy 18 years old doing it in the university

2021-05-09DaisyAmateur, Public sex, Teen
  • 18:30 minutes
  • FullHD

How can you be with just 18 years so crass on it...The sweet Daisy & Merry have picked up a student who wanted to shoot necessarily times what with the two cuties. Unfortunately, Merry was a little inhibited because she was pulled at the time a wisdom tooth. She actually wanted to film the whole thing. Anyway, the three of them go to the university and start filming...all the lectures were well attended...really awesome.

To speed up the whole thing a bit and to take away the guy's fear, Merry licks Daisy first. Then Daisy puts her hand or rather her mouth on the guy. In the meantime, someone else comes along and Merry tries to persuade him to join in. When he injects her in the face, the lectures are just over and it gets really crowded in the corridors. But Daisy doesn't think about wiping the sperm from her face and so it becomes a nice "Spermawalk"...

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