Nadja makes her boyfriend to a cuckold - English subtitles

2020-04-05NadjaAnal Sex, Cuckold, Interracial
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After the first action (which is already online) the two should continue in the bedroom. We had our two Blackys Francisko and Alpha with us. Mirko and Nadja we had told that they are our assistants. Since Nadja had seen them she was really keen on the BBC.

When Nadja and Mirko starts, Nadja tells Mirko that she really wants the two Blackys. Mirko is so shocked by this statement that he does not really understand what is going on. Before he can say anything in front of the camera, she is already in the arms of the two blackys. Her only statement: "You want your sweetheart to be fine...look at this boner, that's what I call a cock"...

Background to this video
Mirko & Nadja had applied to us. Both wanted to try it in front of the camera. But the driving power was Nadja. During a preliminary talk on the phone she asked us if we could bring 1-2 more actors to the shoot.

But we shouldn't tell Mirko about it. We should introduce the actors to Mirko as people from the team. Nadja wanted to surprise Mirko with it, because she wanted to do something new.

After we had shot the first scene with Nadja and Mirko we started. Here for you the complete uncut video. It starts after the first scene...


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July 04, 2020 15:43 ★★★★★

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March 22, 2021 20:17 ★★★★★

cool and sexy girl, funny story. What do you need more?