Michelle's Casting - When the boss has to fuck himself - UNCUT

2019-12-03VariousAmateur, First timers, Milf
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So some castings are already really weird and later you can really laugh about it, also in this case.

Michelle really wanted to do it in front of the camera, she had only taken a few photos so far. Unfortunately, she is not mobile and so we had to come to her... to the ass of the heathen. In my luggage I had a photographer and an "actor" (who supposedly did a lot for other productions).

Michelle had told me on the phone that we could shoot with her gladly, I accepted the offer naturally gladly. In the familiar surroundings you feel more comfortable the first time in front of the camera. Which I didn't know at the time: Her "ex", with whom she obviously finished shooting shortly before the end, also lived there and he didn't know anything about the shooting...

"It's all right, he'll have to take it" was Michelle's statement. I don't know if it was because of the whole story but the "actor" just couldn't do anything. But I didn't want to pull things off again and so I had no choice but to press the camera in the hand of the photographer and fuck the girl herself. With the ex in the next room who got everything and the depressed "actor" who didn't want to leave the room because of Michelle's "ex". That was some weird shit, but look for yourself...

Here for you the Uncut version!

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