Linda's revenge on her ex - The foreplay

2020-01-14LindaAmateur, First timers, Teen
  • 15:37 minutes
  • HDTV

Quotation from Linda's mail to us: "Dear
Girlycast Team, here
I send you my private video, finally I have the chance to pay back my Ex! In this video, you can see me getting it on with my new hot stud...

I really want my ex to see this video. Maybe you can help me with that. Frank hurt me pretty bad. With this video I want to show him what a total loser he was and still is! Hopefully he sees this video so he can see how my new boyfriend is fucking me right now. With him I am really without taboos and let everything do with me!

Kiss your Linda

In this video (foreplay) you see her stripping in front of her new one, getting fingered by the new one and then working her tight teenage pussy with a dildo to get it hot. Then she goes into the shower to shave for the new guy. You'll find out what happens next, so stay tuned.

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