Larissa fucked by 2 guys & her cuckold films it

2021-03-14VariousAmateur, Cuckold, First timers
  • 49:10 minutes
  • HDTV

Larissa is a woman in her early 30's. Her husband is a cuckold but until now neither of them had dared to actively live it out. Surely Larissa always wanted to do it with two guys, but in front of her guy? So Larissa is still a little shy at the beginning when her husband then invites two guys to fuck Larissa in front of his eyes.

His only condition was that he may film it and at least one of the two in his wife injects, so she missed a creampie. Larissa and of course the two guys could live with that. It may seem a little "restrained" at the beginning so the whole thing changes quite quickly as Larissa feels the first tail in her mouth and the other blank in her pussy. The pure horniness overcomes Larissa and she forgets everything around her, including her husband who films her. At the end Larissa gets of course a creampie to make her Cucki happy...


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