Lara's first hardcore movie

2018-08-27LaraAmateur, Beginners, Blow Job
  • 28:33 minutes
  • HDTV
  • TOP rating

We had invited the sweet Lara to the casting. Anyone who has seen the other films here from Lara knows that their friend did not know about it. After the photo shoot, it was finally time, she wanted to try it for the first time with a guy in front of the camera. Our actor Örgel had already supported her during the photo shoot, which made it easier for Lara to take the next step. The two first smooch around, then Lara Örgel passionately blows the cock. Örgel is really sensitive, licks her pussy until Lara comes to orgasm. Then it goes into our Castingbed. Lara is probably extremely tight and Örgel found her totally hot. It does not take long and he injects the first load in and on her pussy, then fucks a little further to her then to splash everything in the face ...

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January 13, 2019 17:03 ★★★★★

Genau der Film wie er sein soll - einfühlsam, zärtlich, kondomfre, Creampie und Cumshot. Und Lara ist eine ganz Süße. Super auch, dass ihr Freund von nichts weiß. B ittte mejr von ihr.

January 13, 2019 17:07

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