Kim 18 years - defloration in front of the camera

2019-05-03Kim B.Amateur, Beginners, Tattoo
  • 18:29 minutes
  • HDTV

Shortly after her 18th birthday, Kim contacted us. She would like to do something in front of the camera. As far as good and not uncommon. When we met her then in Bavaria the whole thing looked quite different. The first thing she had to show me was her ID-Card. After we had convinced that she is really 18 years old, everything was fine and the shooting could begin.

Of course, I talk to the girls before because it does not always go straight to the point. Kim looks like the innocence of the country and not necessarily like a totally freaky girly which just wants to do everything in front of the cam. Of course I ask her again how it comes to it ... even in front of the cam I ask her again. What she said on that you see in the movie.

After we making her first movie, she said she would like to do one more. Clearly no problem, gladly ... we had another actor there *g* And then she dropped the bomb: "Now that I'm finally deflowered, I just want to focus on sex." .....I swear to you, after Kim saying that, everything fell out of my face and I was sure 5 Min. Speechless. Of course I asked her after I had my composure back why she did not say anything ... "I thought you would not do it then ..." she said. Guys, just look at it ...

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