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2018-05-11KerstinAmateur, Blow Job, Cuckold
  • 18:47 minutes
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We met Kerstin in Essen. She had never done anything in front of the camera but wanted to give it a try. She had her husband with him, but he was only allowed to watch. Kerstin wanted to fuck another guy in front of his eyes. After a short interview it starts already. When Örgel fucks her then, Kerstins Cuckold says that condoms were agreed. Kerstin, however, wants to be fucked without a condom and just says to her cuckold "It's okay so!" ...

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May 17, 2018 15:04 ★★★★★

ein super schönes Video, das echte Gefühle zeigt!!!

January 04, 2019 09:26 ★★★★★

Kerstin ist eine geile Hausfrau - sehr natürlich. Super finde ich, dass sie sich entgegen der Absprache und dem Einwand von ihrem Mann ohne Gummi hat ficken und besamen lassen. Auch das Örgeö seinen Schwanz nach dem Abspritzen wieder in die Musche gesteckt hat ist perfekt. Gerne mehr Videoas mit Kerstin und völlig Fremden ( wenn ihr Mann sie nochmal lässt ).

December 29, 2019 17:33

What a beautiful horny woman :-) I think she just loves cock and need much more. So great to see his naked cock entering her and the covering her stomach in his cum and smearing it all over her. Look forward to see more of her.