Jacky as Christmas Angel - Double Feature Clip

2019-12-12Amateur, Doggystyle, High heels
  • 23:55 minutes
  • HDTV

Sweet Jacky in a Girlycast Double Feature Clip:

Run number 1:
Santa Claus is a quick splash!
In this case there are even two Santa Clauses. Jacky as a sugar sweet angel and two Santa Clauses whose rods do their duty quite fast...I think faster than the sweet Jacky was dear *g*....

Run number 2:
Jacky as Putzfr(s)au cleans your boss well, but he is not already on vacation, as she assumed, but lies in his bedroom. Totally surprised to find him there (she had just invited an acquaintance to her boss's apartment) and hoping that he didn't notice the phone call with her acquaintance, she seduces him without further ado...whether there was a pay rise due afterwards????

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