Emmis partner exchange with Birger! From massage to anal

2019-09-06EmmiAmateur, Anal Sex, Fucking
  • 50:09 minutes
  • HDTV

Who has seen the movie with Susi and Micha knows that Susi and Emmi have made a partner exchange. Susi goes to Micha and Emmi to Birger. Of course, both were thrown into the cold water and did not know who and what to expect. Anyone who has experienced Birger knows that could only popping between Emmi and Birger.

It came as expected, the two are just totally bitching but then manage to get together. After a shower (the way there is already the total blast) Emmi has calmed down and Birger spoils her with a massage. He has obviously pressed the right buttons with Emmi because she is doing extremely horny on his cock. It really gets down to business, from rimming to licking and sucking all the way to anal sex. On a condom, the two renounce the same ...

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