Dini & Michaela first lesbian experiences

2020-04-09Dini and MichaelaAmateur, First timers, Lesbian
  • 16:14 minutes
  • HDTV

We spent a weekend in the Ruhrpott where we met Michaela & Dini among others. With Michaela we had already shot some stuff and the little one had a lot of fun. The first shooting with Dini and Sascha didn't work out that well (movie is online here). Fortunately we still had Michaela with us. Dini and Michaela had never had anything with a woman before but wanted to try it out together for the first time. One notices from the outset that the two bitches have desire on each other. They try everything, kiss, lick, finger, double dildo. One notices that the two are really horny. While Sascha is a bit bent, because it didn't work out so well with the first shoot, Dini and Michaela are sitting in the kitchen and enjoying themselves in the living room. What none of them suspects yet, we had a horny surprise for all of them...but more about that later in the 2nd part. Now first Dini and Michaela at their first lesbian sex...

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