Cora's first hardcore video

2017-10-30CoraBeginners, Amateur, Blow Job
  • 26:55 minutes
  • HDTV
  • TOP rating

Cora has invited a guy because she wanted for us the first time in front of the camera. The two were very excited, of course, but you hardly notice the two. The two have really fun together and you can feel the true lust. The camera both forgot quickly

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June 09, 2018 14:53 ★★★★★

wow! Die beiden zeigen richtig, wieviel Spaß sie haben. Zuerst dachte man, dass ER super schnell zur Sache kommen wollte; aber dann entwickelt sich ein genussvolles Spiel, das schließlich in einem dicken Strahl Sahne endet... Klasse!