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BBC Anal Deflowering in a different way!

2019-11-05CoraAmateur, Anal Sex, Interracial
  • 23:46 minutes
  • HDTV

This clip is a treat for everyone who really wants to see EVERYTHING! There is a lot of nice talk in the XXX-Biz and it always looks soooooo perfect...

the truth unfortunately looks completely different now and then as you can see in this clip, it is absolutely ROH and UNCUT.
What had happened...Cora, who has been working with us for a long time now, should finally become an anal deflowerer. So far so good what she didn't know: I chose a special specimen for it. Admittedly the first time anal with a well-built black is not the easiest exercise *g*...but as you say so nicely...try makes wise! That I almost had a nervous breakdown, had to get my charming assistant for reinforcement etc. I would never have thought at the beginning of the shooting...but see for yourself...

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